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About Delta SSB Academy

Learning from Each Other

The Delta SSB Academy examines the aptitude of students for their choosen career. It analyses the ability, capability and limitation of aspirants and then individual attention is paid to build them up for the offing carrier by applying unified psycho process.
Delta SSB Academy has one of the most competetive, efficient, experienced faculty which
gives result oriented thrust as per the well designed and comprehensive syllabus. It pays personal attention and brings out the hidden talents and dormant energy of the aspirants on the surface. Which provides feelings of competitiveness and self reliability. It generates a sense of confidence and responsibility and make them dependable. It further builds up ego of self importance and make them ambitious to achieve the cherished aim. 
Psycological classes are conducted by retired officers specialised in Armed Forces
psycology, social and human behaviour in various situations causing severe stress and strain to a potential Armed Forces officer. Unpredictibility of a human behaviour need to be
fathomout to asertain the limitations and then address the remidial measures through psychologial graph of a common person. Beside this an idealistic standard of Armed Forces requirment is fixed and candidates are taught the pragmatic approach to achieve the ibid standard. If any deviation is found in an individual, individual corrective measures
are given. The above mentioned procedure is followed meticulously which makes the Delta SSB Academy students, self confident and places them ahead of others. That is the
reason, how Delta SSB Academy had achieved par excellent results and have had established its reputation among the aspirants within a short span of time. The strength of existing trait values is ascertained in order to develop their wholesumness of the personality. Result of Academy achieved are vividly matchless and par excellent. Success rate is varying from 52% to 56%. Many successively failed cases, trained elsewhere have changed into success stories by applying psyco corrective measures.

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About Director

Veteran of 1971 Indo-Pak War

Col N S Shekhawat (Retd), Director, Delta SSB Academy, is a war veteran with 32 years of diverse military experience. He has served at many places as an instructor and staff officer. He is adventurous and has a passion for imparting knowledge to inquisitors and competitors. Discipline, dedication, and devotion are attributes of daily life. Now, the purpose of life is to serve the society and country in the best possible manner.

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