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!! आत्मसात !!

१ . आत्मसात is an Astro psycho matching of thoughts of two power fields contained in their feelings .Thoughts are transmittable energy in a form ethereal micro power . आत्मसात is a meditative process , wherein the Transmitter (Tx) unifies with Receiver ( Rx) with 100% matchable frequency.

२. We are living in polluted energised field carrying destructive volatile powers , creating imbalance in our social Environment .

३. आत्मसात process is felt through सम्प्रेषण capable of improving absolute Value of Rx by providing extra dimension with enlargement of his /her inner conscious . The quality of आत्मसात squarely depends upon Synchronisation of mutual frequencies .

४. It’s security is inbuilt in the system . It’s better than cyber mechanism . The seeker the Rx ( शिष्य ) only is capable of Seeking the Energy of Guru , kept in deep crevices of inner conscious through unflinching श्रद्धा एवम् समर्पण । While the Guru ( The Tx ) allows the Rx to have आत्मसात of Powers through Love and Affection .

५. Our Vedic system followed the आत्मसात विधि .

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